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Tallmadge Spinning and Metal Co. has been serving the aerospace, automotive, mass transportation, defense, and solar industries since 1947.  We are a "value-added" company: in addition to performing high volume production, we design, engineer, build prototypes, and test products to meet customer specifications.  Relying on years of experience and advanced machinery, our versatility allows us to work closely with our customers from start to finish.  Using laser cutting, metal spinning and stamping, fabrication and quality control, our extensive manufacturing capabilities have led to our success for over six decades. Mission Statement:  With an emphasis on superior customer service and the drive to produce high quality products, we will work with our customers to find the most efficient and cost effective ways to meet their demands. Click below to read more about our capabilities including rotary laser tube cutting, flat laser cutting, metal fabrication, metal spinning and our customer approved quality control system: * Laser Cutting (New rotary head for tube cutting) * Metal Fabrication
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In order to make the most use of this wide array of materials, we can nest parts into each  sheet, therefore minimizing waste and scrap . . .
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