Step into the forefront of manufacturing innovation with our expert 3-D laser cutting services, featuring the highly acclaimed Mazak 5-axis laser. This approach revolutionizes traditional cutting techniques and offers:

  • Unmatched Precision – We can create intricate designs with exceptional accuracy.
  • Material Versatility – We can cut a variety of materials efficiently.
  • Efficient Production – We increase throughput with the rapid cutting capabilities of a 5-axis machine.
  • Eco-Conscious Process – We do our best to minimize waste with precision laser cutting.
  • Safe Operation – Our team benefits from the safe, contactless operation of our advanced laser system.

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Mazak Space Gear U-44 3-D Laser

Machine Highlights & Benefits

The Mazak Space Gear-U44 is a versatile laser-cutting machine that offers unparalleled flexibility in both 2D and 3D processing of sheet metal, plate, pre-formed parts, and structural elements.

Mazak Space Gear

Triple-Mode, 6-Axis Cutting Capability

The core strength of the Mazak Space Gear-U44 lies in its 5-axis and 6-axis capabilities. This allows for the three-dimensional cutting of various parts, pipes, and tubes with high precision. The machine becomes a 6-axis powerhouse with the addition of a rotary attachment, making it even more versatile and precise – especially with round parts and intricate shapes.

Efficient Programming

The SG-U44 comes with a 64-bit control system with illustrated fill-in-the-blank screens for quick programming of complex contours and cuts. It’s a time-saver for complex projects.

Compact and Flexible

With its compact footprint, the SG-U44 can process any length of pipe and handle sheet sizes up to 4’x4’x7/8”.

Seamless Software Integration

The latest RADAN CAD/CAM software makes it easy to generate NC codes from 3D CAD drawings, optimizing your cutting processes for speed and accuracy.

Core Specifications

  • Model: Mazak Space Gear – U44
  • Laser Power: Equipped with a robust 4kw CO2 Resonator
  • Cutting Mechanism: Features Flying Optics for dynamic and precise cutting
  • Axis Proficiency: Offers both 5-Axis and 6-Axis capabilities for complex cutting tasks
  • Application Range: Specialized in 3D Laser Cutting of complex formed parts, including pipes and tubes
  • Working Area: Generous dimensions of 50” x 50” x 16.5”, accommodating a wide range of part sizes
  • Material Flexibility: Designed to process multiple materials with a clean cut, including:
    • Steel up to ¾” thick
    • Stainless Steel up to 3/8” thick
    • Alloys up to 3/8” thick
    • Aluminum up to ¼” thick

Why Partner with Tallmadge Spinning & Metal?

  • 7+ Decades in Metal Manufacturing – With a legacy spanning over seven decades, Tallmadge Spinning & Metal has been a symbol of reliability, quality, and unwavering service in metal manufacturing.
  • Cost-Effective Mindset – With a team of experts in metal manufacturing, we excel at re-engineering customer parts to be more cost-effective without sacrificing quality.
  • Fast Turnaround – We offer a swift turnaround by providing in-house metal fabrication, metal spinning, welding, metal stamping, and laser cutting services, streamlining the production process.
  • Stringent Quality Control Measures – Our in-house, full-time quality control department is dedicated to maintaining tight tolerances, adhering to our master quality manual, documenting processing steps, and carrying out thorough inspections of finished products. Our thoroughness ensures superior quality you can trust.
  • Complete Manufacturing Capabilities – From design to completion, our extensive manufacturing capabilities allow us to work closely with you in producing quality and innovative metal parts.

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