A northeast Ohio manufacturer had everything they needed in-house to produce a specific type of heating unit – except metal spinning equipment. They were contracted to manufacture portable tent heaters for military use, which are smaller than heaters used in homes. The engineer in charge of the project brought their prototype of a burner to us, the part that required spinning.

Prototyping for Design & Manufacturing Improvements

For the next five years, we worked with the engineer to develop and improve the burner prototype. The original prototype did not look well-manufactured and suffered from a range of issues. We worked with the engineer to improve the design and then would produce a new prototype.

The engineer would test it, then come back to us with changes, and we would adjust and manufacture an updated version. With each round, we provided the engineer with input on how we could improve the manufacturing process for the part. We went back and forth like this two to three times a year.

Full Services Used in Production

Once the engineer finalized the product design, we collaborated to perfect our manufacturing process and tooling to get the new burner into production. It involved every aspect of manufacturing capabilities we offer: spinning, stamping, laser cutting, welding, and fabricating.

We also learned to work with some new materials and developed new manufacturing processes. Prior to this project, most of our laser cutting was flat cut. We purchased a new laser for tube cutting for this job, further extending our capabilities.

Looking for a Full Service Metal Manufacturing Partner?

If you have a prototype, reproduction needs, or are still in the idea phase, contact us. We can show you some of the components of this project and would love to discuss how we can partner with you from R&D to production.

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