Car parts produced by sheet metal stamping

Hydroforming Vs. Metal Stamping: Which Should You Choose?

Hydroforming and metal stamping are metal shaping processes that are often used to create components for industries such as medicine, construction, automotive, and aerospace. One uses hydraulic pressure, while the other uses traditional mechanical pressure. Depending on your needs, one may be preferable to the other. As each approach has unique processes and specifications, here’s […]

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Mazak Space Gear

Features and Capabilities of the Mazak Space Gear U44 6-Axis Laser Machine

At Tallmadge Spinning & Metal, we’re always looking for ways to expand our workshop’s ability to quickly and cost-effectively machine custom parts. Our latest addition of the Mazak Space Gear U44 laser cutting machine is a powerful one that will certainly be advantageous to your next project. Learn more about our new machine below! Mazak […]

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Metal fabricator working on a metal part

What is the Difference Between Welding and Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication and welding are descriptive terms for related processes in metalworking. Metal fabrication is the broader term encompassing all aspects of production, while welding is a more specific term that is often an important part of fabrication. Although the specialized skills required to perform these two functions differ, there is a good deal of […]

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Metal spinning with a CNC lathe

Hand Spinning vs. Automatic Spinning

Do you have a need for custom metal forming by spinning, but are just not sure if it needs to be hand spun or automatically spun? When it’s time to discern between hand spinning and automatic spinning in order to create your metal parts, trust Tallmadge Spinning & Metal to create exactly what you need […]

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Sheets of aluminum

Material Comparison: Steel vs. Aluminum

Although you might be tempted to think that going with the cheapest metal for your project is the best idea, especially in today’s economy, the equation is not so simple. If you and your team are considering which material to use for your project, it is important to know and understand all of its traits […]

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fabricated metal parts created by metal stamping

When Should You Consider Metal Spinning Over Metal Stamping?

When it comes to making metal parts, from lighting fixtures to pots and pans, experts debate the use of metal spinning versus metal stamping. Traditionally, stamping has been the gold standard when producing metal parts at a low cost, but metal spinning is another technique that can be utilized for positive results. So when is […]

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