Aluminum metal

Examining Raw Material Prices in 2024

In 2023, rising costs constituted a significant challenge for manufacturers. Unfortunately, this trend appears to persist in 2024. Inflation has led to substantial price increases for raw materials; at Tallmadge Spinning & Metal, understanding the pricing fluctuations is critical to optimizing budgets and maintaining a competitive edge. The Most Common Materials We Work With Steel […]

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Factory engineer checks part

The Importance of Quality Control in Metal Manufacturing

Metal manufacturing is a complex and intricate process involving casting, forging, machining, welding and finishing stages. Each stage requires precision and accuracy to produce high-quality metal products. One of the vital aspects of ensuring quality in this process is quality control. Quality control (QC) refers to the set of processes and procedures used to ensure […]

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Metal cog tooth wheel and rack

Capabilities and Advantages of the Mitsubishi 3015 EX-F Plus 8.0kW Zoom (M800) Fiber Laser

Available at Tallmadge Spinning & Metal, this fiber laser is a symbol of modern manufacturing excellence, offering a combination of innovative features that can reshape industrial processes. Advantages of Fiber Laser Technology Superior Performance The integration of 8.0kW fiber laser technology ensures unparalleled performance and swift cutting times. The high-powered laser contributes to impeccable accuracy, […]

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Spinning machine control by cnc machine

How to Optimize Your Metal Spinning Design

Crafting a masterpiece is a fascinating blend of passion and precision, whether it’s a sculptor shaping a block of marble or a technician spinning metal into an intricate component. Among the pantheon of manufacturing methods, metal spinning stands out, offering the ability to transform a humble metal disc into an array of axially symmetric parts. […]

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Leifeld SC 312 Programmable Hydraulic/Servo-Drive Spin CNC Lathe

Metalworking has been an art form for centuries, and spinning is a critical component of that process. However, traditional spinning lathes can be limiting. They use manual processes that don’t allow for the intricacy and complexity of modern design. But with the Leifeld SC 312 Programmable Hydraulic/Servo-Drive Spin CNC Lathe, metalworking is taken to a […]

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Car parts produced by sheet metal stamping

Hydroforming Vs. Metal Stamping: Which Should You Choose?

Hydroforming and metal stamping are metal shaping processes that are often used to create components for industries such as medicine, construction, automotive, and aerospace. One uses hydraulic pressure, while the other uses traditional mechanical pressure. Depending on your needs, one may be preferable to the other. As each approach has unique processes and specifications, here’s […]

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