Leifeld SC 312 Programmable Hydraulic/Servo-Drive Spin CNC Lathe

Metalworking has been an art form for centuries, and spinning is a critical component of that process. However, traditional spinning lathes can be limiting. They use manual processes that don’t allow for the intricacy and complexity of modern design. But with the Leifeld SC 312 Programmable Hydraulic/Servo-Drive Spin CNC Lathe, metalworking is taken to a […]

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Mazak Space Gear

Features and Capabilities of the Mazak Space Gear U44 6-Axis Laser Machine

At Tallmadge Spinning & Metal, we’re always looking for ways to expand our workshop’s ability to quickly and cost-effectively machine custom parts. Our latest addition of the Mazak Space Gear U44 laser cutting machine is a powerful one that will certainly be advantageous to your next project. Learn more about our new machine below! Mazak […]

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Metal spinning with a CNC lathe

Hand Spinning vs. Automatic Spinning

Do you have a need for custom metal forming by spinning, but are just not sure if it needs to be hand spun or automatically spun? When it’s time to discern between hand spinning and automatic spinning in order to create your metal parts, trust Tallmadge Spinning & Metal to create exactly what you need […]

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fabricated metal parts created by metal stamping

When Should You Consider Metal Spinning Over Metal Stamping?

When it comes to making metal parts, from lighting fixtures to pots and pans, experts debate the use of metal spinning versus metal stamping. Traditionally, stamping has been the gold standard when producing metal parts at a low cost, but metal spinning is another technique that can be utilized for positive results. So when is […]

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Close-up of metal spinning lathe

Metal Spinning Thickness Tolerances by Application

A powerful and versatile technique for forming metal, metal spinning is a method of carving out the desired shape from a metal base not unlike that of wheel-thrown clay. The desired medium is spun at high velocity, and specialized heads trim away material until the preferred form is reached. Though commonly considered exclusive to prototyping […]

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CNC lathe in action

Why Metal Spinning is More Cost-Effective for Prototypes

Choosing the best option for your metal fabrication needs can be a daunting task with the many versatile processes available. All are nuanced with unique advantages for greater suitability to specific requirements. Metal spinning and stamping are two such methods for prototyping and large-scale production alike. Metal spinning offers cheaper and faster results than stamping […]

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